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Introducing SAFIIT

Introducing Southern Africa Future Institute of Innovation & Technology

We are one of the prominent private universities in Africa, Will be a leading private university strategically located in South Africa a getaway to Africa. SAFIIT is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research & service through online studies. SAFIIT is an educational institute committed to distinction, innovation and quality standards. SAFIIT’s priority is to stay abreast with the national, regional and international changes taking place in the interrelated fields of education, scientific research and community development, while consolidating values and professional ethics.

We provide a creative, nurturing campus environment where our students can realize their potential, can learn from the best and most talented faculty staff, and can go on to make a positive difference after they graduate.
We offer a rich and rewarding educational experience to all who choose to focus on excellence.


SAFIIT faculties are fully accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities
A faculty is where students pursue their major area of study. They will experience teaching sessions (lectures), labs and tutorials. All faculties are fully accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities.

The faculties are responsible for selecting students, in accordance with university regulations. Degrees are awarded by the university.


While ensuring our facilities are the best, SAFIIT leadership knows that people are the key to  academic excellence. It is our staff who truly create a vibrant intellectual community for our students. This is why SAFIIT seeks out diverse, highly qualified and dedicated faculty and staff from around the world. We have both local and international staff members; many of them have completed their postgraduate studies abroad and bring with them a wide perspective to their field of specialization.

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