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We help universities increase their international student body and worldwide presence through our global recruitment and academic program services.

We diversify partner institutions’ sources of recruitment, thereby creating a more sustainable and resilient business model.

Our multiple recruitment and delivery solutions ensure we meet your institution’s unique goals in the most cost-efficient way.Learn more about how SAFIIT International works with universities and about each of our partnership types below.

On-campus pathways 

On-site immersion courses, delivered on a partner university's campus, prepare students for entry into a degree program and allow them to meet entry requirements.

Recruitment for direct admission 

Support services, including application, financing processes, for students' direct entry to a degree program.

Transnational Education 

Complete degree programs from partner universities are delivered locally in a student’s home country.

Online education 

Fully accredited online degrees from university partners, accessible to students across the globe.

English-language schools 

Recruit high-achieving students to universities.

We serve the needs of students, and support university partners,
in diferent countries.


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