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Declaration and Verification

I declare that all the particulars in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I declare that:

  • I understand that any false information will lead to the disqualification of my application.
  • I fully understand that the University only provides offshore distance learning degree courses and the granting of degrees is in accordance with the Articles of Memorandum of the respected university. That the University has full degree granting status and that it is empowered to award degrees at various academic levels such as bachelor, master and doctoral degree in many fields of endeavor even if they are no listed with the respected Ministry or accreditation authority for programmatic accreditation.
  • I accept the accreditation status and concept of the University’s Degree Programs via the international program.
  • I accept that no legal guarantee can be given for any board membership, license, vocational career or any governmental acceptance for degrees in and country or from any evaluating agency or authority in any foreign jurisdictions.
  • In understand and accept that all fees payable for tutoring, mentoring, services, graduation fees are payable directly to the service and academic provider through whom this application is made to the University.
  • I understand that no refund for services rendered can be given pertaining to teaching, mentoring or academic guidance as part of the learning and academic process. I also understand that after graduating with my degree the academic process is complete and no refunds or cancellation of my degree is possible. That in case of errors the University is responsible for corrections. Any additional services not included are payable separately.
  • I understand that any student organizations, unions, student bodies or any communications such as newsletters and website postings are not currently available.
  • I understand that the University is to date duly listed as university with UNESCO/IAU and in her country of origin with the Ministry of Education and duly accredited.
  • I understand that the University is solely responsible for issuing academic degrees.
  • All partner institutions are therefore free from indemnification claims.

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